"Lifting Christ and Raising Up Generations of Disciple-Making Disciples"

We Will Strive For Excellence For Christ & For Each Other. Remembering We are a T.E.A.M.
And Everyone Has A Purpose And A Place

The members of a human body function best when they are healthy and are able to do those things that they were created to do. A Church, a family or individuals, function best when they are healthy and able to be and do all that God created them for.

Our Church exist for the purpose of helping and equipping families, individuals and other churches, to be all that they can be from a Biblical perspective. Through teaching, modeling and walking beside people we will help them to discover the gifts and talents they posses (S.H.A.P.E. - Spiritual Gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality, Experiences) We will challenge people to utilize their lives, gifts, talents and passions in a biblically sound manner that honors God. To accomplish this we seek to utilize a five directional ministry approach in all that we do to accomplish our goal to
“Lift Christ and Raise Up Generations of Disciple-Making Disciples"

We will minister to the Lord in Biblical Worship & lifestyle.
We are here to honor & glorify the Lord. The Lord is Worthy.

We will minister to each other as the body of Christ through Biblical Fellowship primarily through LifeCare Small Groups,

and being intentional in getting and giving encouragement.

We minister to those who have fallen away from the Lord and from God’s desire for their lives.

Restoration is God’s Will.

We will minister to people outside the Church through Evangelism, Missions, Education and Redeeming activities.

People need the Lord.

We will minister in ways that will raise, develop and equip Potential Servant Leaders for the present and future.

We will touch tomorrow today to advance the Kingdom of God.